In The Spirit of Happiness book cover April 7, 2013
The Ten Commandments Then & Now March 20, 2013

Room – Emma Donoghue

March 6, 2013



It’s hard to not feel bad for someone, maybe to actually feel apathetic for someone, who’s been kidnapped and imprisoned for 7 years; Emma Donoghue (wiki, personal site) may have accomplished this feat by penning Room (Amazon Link).  It might be best to stop quickly here and say that I would recommend Room to many people, it just […]

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Moonwalking With Einstein – Joshua Foer

February 21, 2013



What’s the last great book you read?  Can’t remember?  Having trouble recalling what you had for breakfast, where you parked your car, your wife’s birthday (or name)?  Well, who hasn’t wrestled with one or more of those lapses in memory?  And that’s exactly why Moonwalking With Einstein (Amazon Link) should be high up on your list of […]

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