The Perfect Kill cover February 14, 2016

In The Spirit of Happiness – The Monks of New Skete

April 7, 2013


In The Spirit of Happiness book cover

  Deliberate, thoughtful and wise.  In The Spirit of Happiness shuffles into your dusty, dark cabin at the dawn of a new day.  It tosses aside the curtains directly in front of the lumpy mass of sheets you’re sleeping in.  It hefts up the window as well.  The brilliance of morning asserts itself among you […]

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The Ten Commandments Then & Now – Robert M. West

March 20, 2013


The Ten Commandments Then & Now

A book written for us, by us, is not a bad thing.  Just ask Daymond John.  In The Ten Commandments Then & Now, Robert M. West may not be looking to garner the attention of fringe believers or deliver skeptics of the faith to the rapture and joys of Christianity, but he clearly and measuredly lays […]

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